Lezing 'SEELECTS #7: Early Modern Slovenian Manuscripts and methods of Digital Humanities'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Journalisten
17-05-2018 van 18:00 tot 20:00
Campus Boekentoren, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent
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Vakgroep talen en culturen - Slavistiek en Oost-Europakunde
http://www.slavistiek.ugent.be/SEELECTS - http://www.talenenculturen.ugent.be/
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Matija Ogrin (Slovenska Akademija Znanosti in Umetnosti, Ljubljana): Early Modern Slovenian Manuscripts and methods of Digital Humanities

The greater part of Slovenian literature has come into existence during the Early Modern and Modern period, i.e. in the era of printed books.
But, surprisingly, many Slovenian texts of Early Modern time never succeeded to enter the medium of what we now call the print culture – for several historical reasons, ranging from material to ideological. Nevertheless, these texts had their own public and reception, their own ways of reproduction and dissemination – by means of what we call the manuscript culture. In this way, numerous manuscripts of hymnals, meditative prose and other devotional literature (Erbauungsliteratur), and even Jesuit drama in Slovenian language, were not supported by the printing press and the book market. Instead, they continued to fulfill their cultural mission and function in the medium of manuscript culture – as a separate, manuscript layer of literature. In some areas of the Slovenian literary system, this was the case as long as until the mid 19th century.

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