Lezing 'World War I Digital Platform'

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Studenten, Medewerkers
22-05-2019 van 15:00 tot 17:00
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DH Research Lab, Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities
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Sandra Camarda (C2DH, Luxembourg) and Martine Vermandere (Amsab-ISG, Ghent) will present their digital exhibitions on the First World War.

Sandra Camarda will present Éischte Weltkrich – Remembering the Great War in Luxembourg (https://ww1.lu), a digital exhibition she developed with the objective of addressing a neglected and understudied period in the history of the Grand Duchy. It brings together the collections and expertise of all the major Luxembourgish museums, archives and cultural institutions, creating a long-term digital resource.

Following Dr. Camarda’s talk, we will hear from Martine Vermandere on the virtual exhibition on Belgian refugees during the First World War, developed for Amsab-ISG (http://tour.belgianrefugees14-18.be/en/).

The I@H Digitizing the Humanities lecture series is targeted at all students, and staff of UGent from bachelor and masters students, PhD candidates, researchers, professors, and support staff. With the financial support of I@H.

This lecture will be given in English. Registration is required: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/DHiath

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