Symposium 'The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2019 - ENYGF2019'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Bedrijven
23-06-2019 10:36 tot 27-06-2019 10:36
Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent
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The European Nuclear Society - Young Generation
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A conference for the Young Generation by the Young Generation focussing on all aspects of nuclear technology: From Half Lives to Better Lives.

The Belgian Nuclear Society and the Dutch Nuclear Society, and more specifically their Young Generation, are organizing the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum. The conference is organized around the subject of Health, in its broadest sense as summarized by our slogan “From Half Lives to Better Lives”. As such the scope of the conference goes beyond the Medical applications to also treat Future nuclear technologies, Decommissioning and waste management, Communications, Education, Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and Radiation Protection, Nuclear Policy, Economics and Social Aspects.

Register now for an interesing program and visits to the Dutch and Belgian nuclear facilities! And if you want to share your knowledge, you can still submit a poster!