Symposium 'Frictions and friendships. Cultural encounters in the nineteenth century'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Journalisten, Bedrijven
19-06-2019 09:30 tot 20-06-2019 17:00
Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE Den Haag
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European Society for Nineteenth Century Art
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ESNA Conference 2019: Frictions and friendships. Cultural encounters in the nineteenth century

The exhibition The Dutch in Paris, which was on show in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and in the Petit Palais, Paris (2017 – 2018), aimed to visualize the artistic exchange between Dutch and French artists between 1789 and 1914. The exhibition generated so much response that ESNA decided to organize an international conference on the subject, focusing specifically on international as well as national and local points of encounter and how they facilitated artistic exchange. Ideas, information and objects are constantly adopted by artists and consequently edited, adjusted and given new meaning. In short, they are translated’. The focus of this conference is on how artistic exchange was facilitated by new encounters on an international, national and / or local level. An international selection of speakers will explore the various processes involved, whether driven by friendship, encounters, locations, exhibitions, artists’ studios and / or art works.