Lezing 'Biofabrication in translational regenerative medicine'

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Studenten, Medewerkers
28-11-2019 van 16:00 tot 17:30
UZ Gent, De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Gent
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Scientific Research Committee - Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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The Department of Human Structure and Repair presents Jos Malda delivering a seminar titled 'Biofabrication in translational regenerative medicine'.

This lecture is a part of the Interdisciplinary Medical & Health Seminars.

Living tissues display complex 3D architectures and multicellular composition, which is difficult to reproduce in tissue engineered devices. Our research aims to promote tissue regeneration, by recreating such 3D biological environment using biofabrication technologies. Our research focusses on the development of novel approaches for osteochondral repair through the convergence and development of biofabrication technologies and combination with cell sources that have potential for clinical applications. Moreover, application of biofabrication technologies is also extended to other fields for the development of in vitro models and regenerative solutions. A few examples are the development of perfusable models to study breast cancer invasion, liver performance, as well as models to study fertilization and kidney function.

Registration: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/IMHSJosMalda