Studiedag 'Blue Growth Summer School'

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09-09-2019 00:00 tot 20-09-2019 00:00
Greenbridge, Wetenschapspark 1, 8400 Oostende
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UGain - UGent Academie voor Ingenieurs
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For everyone who are passionate about exploring the challenging role of oceans and seas in our future society.

Oceans and seas are identified as the key drivers for European economic development and, as a result, have the potential to deliver new jobs in the coming years. The European Commission is a strong believer and promoter of innovation and sustainable growth based on marine and maritime opportunities.

To exploit the full potential of Blue Growth opportunities multidisciplinar training of graduates across engineering and marine and maritime sciences is essential.

Across existing and emerging Blue sectors, fundamental science combined with technical background is essential and should be combined with business development teachings focussing on commercialisation of research results based on direct insights from the industry both multinationals and SME's.

This 2-week programme fits the challenges mentioned above as it provides holistic training in several blue growth domains while laying out the cross disciplinary links.