Lezing 'MALT1 biology and therapeutic targeting in inflammatory diseases'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Bedrijven
11-10-2019 van 11:30 tot 12:45
UGent-VIB-onderzoeksgebouw, Technologiepark 71, 9052 Zwijnaarde
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VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research (WE14, WE10, WE02, GE35)
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Rudi Beyaert (UGent, VIB Center for Inflammation Research) will tell more about the role of MALT1 in inflammatory disease.

MALT1 is an intracellular signaling protein that plays important roles in innate and adaptive immune responses downstream of specific cell surface receptors. Dysregulated MALT1 actvity can lead to chronic inflammation as well as lymphoma.

For a long time, MALT1 was believed to function solely as a scaffold protein, providing a platform for the assembly of NF-kB signaling proteins. However, this view changed dramatically when MALT1 was found to have proteolytic activity, which could be functionally linked with the fine-tuning of proinflammatory gene expression.

I will present our recent work on the physiological role of MALT1 and describe several preclinical studies illustrating that MALT1 is a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of inflammatory disease.