Lezing 'Improve This Thought: Latin Literature and Cosmopolitan Marginalia'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni
20-09-2019 van 16:00 tot 19:30
Atrium Bibliotheek Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Rozier 44, 9000 Gent
Door wie
RELICS Research Group, Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte
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Launch event of JOLCEL, inaugural lecture, and reception with music and testimonials by Ghent University colleagues.

Festive launch of the Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures (JOLCEL). JOLCEL is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, focusing on Latin and other cosmopolitan languages within European literary history.

To celebrate the occasion, Catherine Conybeare (Bryn Mawr) will give a lecture entitled ''Improve This Thought': Latin Literature and Cosmopolitan Marginalia'. The lecture is followed by a reception with music and testimonials by Ghent University colleagues about the importance of the Latin tradition in their education, and current research and teaching activities.

The event is organised by the RELICS Research Group and sponsored by the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies, het Nederlands Klassiek Verbond, and Roomer.

Read the first issue on jolcel.ugent.be.

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