Lezing 'Looking for an integrative approach to address climate change: Participation of indigenous peoples in the United Nations political process'

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Studenten, Medewerkers
15-10-2019 van 18:00 tot 20:00
Academieraadzaal, Campus Aula, gebouw 06.03, Voldersstraat 9, 9000 Gent
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University Development Cooperation Unit - Research co-ordination office
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Prof. D. Delgado will address SDGs 13, 16 and 11 in her lecture about participation of indigenous peoples. All Ghent University students are welcome.

This presentation will introduce how indigenous peoples, by their environmental political activism, try to achieve the recognition of an ecocentric agency in political decision making (meaning a cognitive framework where the environment itself is seen as a domain of agents that respond to and thereby shape human decisions), and resist their collective eviction of particularly valuable places. Progressively, they have achieved openness in a limited but influential multilateral process (United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC). The ideas of development and political procedures used the UNFCCC process still do not fit what is advocated by indigenous peoples’ organizations, but substantial changes can be observed.

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