Lezing 'Shiamin Kwa, Reach Out and Touch Someone: the Haptic Dreams of Gareth Brookes'

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Studenten, Alumni, Medewerkers, Journalisten, Leerling secundair, Leerkracht secundair
14-11-2019 van 12:30 tot 13:30
De Krook, Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Gent
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COMICS (ERC project), FLW
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First talk in the Comics Lectures series (2019-2020)

The graphic narratives made by the artist Gareth Brookes (b. 1978) are created using a variety of media chosen specifically for the particular story he tells. From embroidery to pyrography, crayon scratch art to linotype, the media that Brookes uses to create his original art becomes itself a crucial meaning maker in the story, inspiring the reader of his texts to read an additional narrative at the level of material. But what do we mean when we discuss materials when we discuss the comic book, which in its final form is a reproduced page made of paper? By focusing the reader’s attention on the role of surface in our approaches to text, Brookes exposes the precarity of the ways we make meaning. This talk focuses on Brookes’ latest work, “Threadbare,” which actively engages the virtual depths implied by surfaces, literally embroidering together the human body, the untethered voices of the text message, and the artist’s own embroidering—and Photoshopping—hand.

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