Happening 'One Health kick-off: cross tech and cross species'

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14-10-2020 van 12:15 tot 18:30
Gents Universiteitsmuseum, Ledeganckstraat 35, 9000 Gent
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One Health platform
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Connecting and inspiring researchers in physical and life sciences on One Health research and applications.

The One Health concept consists of the notion that humans, animals and plants are interconnected and have a lot in common. Therefore, if one of these groups is faced with a health issue, knowledge from the other groups may be able to contribute to the answer for that issue.

This event targets researchers in life and physical sciences with an interest in research on health applications. Ghent University researchers will present their successful experiences regarding One Health research and we will introduce the practical operation of the One Health platform.
Moreover, with this event we want to inspire researchers and propose innovative ideas. Furthermore, researchers will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from other domains of expertise, which could lead to new collaborations and health applications.

Practical information will follow. Meanwhile we would like to ask you to save the date and register here.

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