Infosessie 'TechTransfer & IOF: Give your research a real life'

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08-07-2020 21:01 tot 09-07-2020 21:01
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How can UGent TechTransfer and the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) assist you in the transfer of your research to the market?

Would you like to give your research a real life? There are several options.
As a researcher of Ghent University you can rely on the support of UGent TechTransfer. Moreover there are funding possibilities from the industrial research fund (IOF).

We offer 2 basic info sessions of 1 hour, on wednesday 8th and thursday 9th July, at 10 am.

This info session is for researchers who are not yet familiar with UGent TechTransfer and the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and are interested in transferring their research into the market.

- different options for valorisation
- funding possibilities via IOF project calls for transferring research into business
- available courses on entrepreneurship (most of them for free for UGent personnel)
- TechTransfer support (contracts, protection of research of research results, …)
- insight in your direct UGent TechTransfer contact person
- Q&A

Registration required (before 6th July):

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