Infosessie 'AI4Growth session Biotech & Pharma'

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Medewerkers , Alumni , Bedrijven
05-11-2020 van 11:00 tot 12:30
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AI4Growht & UGent TechTransfer
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In a brief online session, we'll present you an expert technical introduction and some applied AI cases on biotech & pharma, followed by Q&A.

On Thursday October 22th you can follow our AI session on Biotech & Pharma.

13:00 – Presentations: AI in Biotech & Pharma
14:15 – Q&A

AI4Growth’s AI Sessions are best in class networking events to inspire and unite regional AI stakeholders. The AI Sessions present high-quality business cases & testimonials by local experts and companies. During the AI Sessions we gather an invitation only community of progressive corporates, young potentials, academics and entrepreneurs with one clear goal: to forge ties & accelerate collaboration between these stakeholders.