Symposium 'Nuevas escritura multilingües latinoamericanas y latinas'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni
15-10-2020 14:00 tot 16-10-2020 19:00
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prof. dr. Ilse Logie, Department of Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
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Closing symposium of the interuniversity project Lives in Translations (FWO, supervisors: prof. dr. Ilse Logie, prof. dr. An Van Hecke)

The "Lives in Translation"-project explores the relationships between identity construction and variants of multilingualism in a contemporary corpus of autobiographical texts by Latinx authors, taking multilingualism as a symptom of broader cultural processes. Does a metanarrative of problematic identity split as manifested in language struggle dominate older texts? Does it give way to other tendencies in the most recent ones? These tendencies might include a more positive appreciation of productive doubling but also the manifestation of key tensions resulting from the decentering impulse of multilingualism in its various configurations, and the centralising role of English as a global language.

The conference aims:
a) to broaden the scope by charting multilingual writing by Latin-American and Latino authors
b) to update the concept of “extraterritoriality” (Steiner) for a contemporary setting
c) to trace the degree to which the corpus reflects the “postmonolingual condition” (Yildiz)