Symposium 'Towards increased plastic recycling: results of Matter and Profit projects'

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25-11-2020 van 12:30 tot 14:30
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Laboratory for Circular Process Engineering; Green Chemistry & Technology; Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
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Online webinar about plastic recycling of post-consumer waste in Flanders.

During the live webinar we will present results obtained within the two Catalisti-ICON projects MATTER (Mechanical and thermochemical recycling of mixed plastic waste) & PROFIT (Plastic recuperation and valorisation fit for use)

Program of the webinar:

  • 14h30 – 14h45: Introduction
  • 14h45 – 15h40: Presentation of the main results of both projects
  • 15h40 – 16h10: Panel conversation
  • 16h10 – 16h30: Outlook and Q&A