Lezing 'Business Ethics and Sustainability'

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Medewerkers , Studenten
12-05-2022 van 15:30 tot 20:00
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Center for Sustainable Chemistry (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture), Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Faculty of Sciences

Lecture about Ethics and Sustainability by Hilde Luystermans (integrated in the CSC event).

Today, in the middle of the climate crisis, respect for the sustainable use of the planet’s resources has become one of the defining marks of an ethical organization. History shows however that there is no instinctive environmental ethic in the human species.

Companies should take responsibility for their economical, social and physical environmental impacts. Who would not urge this principle? Why then don’t we always act it? Yet this basic principle of Business Ethics is a cornerstone for the sustainable success of a business.

It is clear that Business Ethics and environmental sustainability are related subjects. The development of an ethical culture and the management by values can help companies to become part of the solution of the unprecedented quest to create a new energy system for a high-energy civilization.

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