Symposium 'International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries'

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01-06-2022 09:00 tot 04-06-2022 18:00
BMCC - Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre, Beursplein 1, 8000 Bruges
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Synthesis, Bioresources and Bioorganic Chemistry Research Group (SynBioC), Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Call for abstracts: deadline: 28 February 2022

"Biobased solutions for climate change". Come experience the bioeconomy in action, take this opportunity to network with 'biopreneurs' at the biobased booths, present a poster or be one of the 70 speakers and share your scientific achievements. Delegates from university, industry, (non-)governmental organizations and venture capital providers will present their views on industrial biotechnology, sustainable (green) chemistry and agricultural policy related to the use of renewable raw materials for non-food applications and energy supply.

The conference aims to provide new developments in scientific, technical, economic, environmental and social issues of renewable resources and biorefineries in order to give an impetus to the biobased economy. The conference itself consists of plenary lectures, oral presentations, poster sessions, exhibition and a biobased market.

This 18th edition is expected to welcome about 300 international participants from over 30 countries.