Debat 'AI4 Health & Medicine'

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Alumni , Bedrijven , Medewerkers
20-05-2021 van 16:00 tot 17:30
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UGent TechTransfer
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With a focus on health & medicine, AI4Growth wants to inspire & unite AI stakeholders with high quality business use cases & testimonials

In our next AI4 Health & Medical session on May 20 we present recent use cases that showcase radical changes in medical developments and health improvements to set up a smarter healthcare for the future. You learn how companies implemented AI, what they learnt from this process and how it improved their way of working. These use cases will be thoroughly discussed during a live panel debate and a stirring Q&A. AI4Growth has the network to present relevant cases and Q&A's with beyond-the-hype profiles. During the AI Sessions we gather a community of progressive corporates, young potentials, academics and entrepreneurs with one clear goal: to forge ties & accelerate collaboration between these stakeholders. The AI Sessions stand for valuable business insights in a convivial atmosphere.