Exploring pharmacist-led medication optimisation strategies for older patients with polypharmacy: from medication scheme to medication review.

Foubert, Katrien
Faculteit Farmaceutische Wetenschappen
Vakgroep Bioanalyse
Specific Teacher Training programme (= diploma leraar, specifieke lerarenopleiding), CVO Panta Rhei, Ghent, 2017 – 2019; Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Care (Summa cum laude), Ghent University, 2009 – 2011; Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Cum laude), Ghent University, 2006 – 2009; Sciences – Mathematics, Berkenboom Humaniora, Sint-Niklaas, 2000 – 2006.
Academische graad
Doctor in de farmaceutische wetenschappen
Taal proefschrift
Vertaling titel
Exploratie van medicatie optimalisatie strategieën door de apotheker voor oudere patiënten met polyfarmacie: van medicatieschema naar medicatienazicht.
Prof. dr., Koen Boussery, UGent-Bioanalyse - Prof. dr., Annemie Somers, UGent-Bioanalyse - Prof. dr., Mirko Petrovic, UGent-Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen
Prof. dr., Chris Vervaet, UGent-Geneesmiddelenleer - Prof. dr., Barbara Claus, UGent-Farmaceutische Analyse - Prof. Dr. Apr., Veerle Foulon, KULeuven - Prof. Dr., Ruth Pier, UGent-Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen - Prof. Dr., Roy Remmen, UA - Prof. Dr. Apr., Katja Taxis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Korte beschrijving

The ultimate ambition of healthcare is to improve or to maintain a patient’s health, wellbeing and his daily functioning, with the lowest possible (safety) risks and costs for society. This ambition embraces ameliorating the experiences of patients and healthcare professionals while improving clinical outcomes, with efficient use of available resources and minimal costs. When these goals are achieved in the group of older people, they can live longer (independently) at home, instead of residing in a nursing home or being admitted to hospital. Optimising the older patient’s medication use by detecting, preventing and solving drug-related problems in an interprofessional setting in primary care can therefore contribute to this aim. Accordingly, exploring pharmacist-led medication optimisation strategies for older patients with polypharmacy in primary care is the general aim of this doctoral thesis. This medication optimisation by community pharmacists can start with constructing an up-to-date and accurate medication list or scheme, followed by performing medication reviews. The systematic use of a supportive medication screening tool such as the GheOP3S-tool can facilitate the detection of drug-related problems or potentially inappropriate prescribing.


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