The Algorithmic State of Mind. A Human Rights Frame for Governing News Recommendation.

Vermeulen, Judith
Faculteit Recht en Criminologie
Vakgroep Metajuridica, Privaat- en Ondernemingsrecht
Academische graad
Doctor in de rechten
Taal proefschrift
Prof., Eva Lievens, RE21
Prof., Michel Tison, RE21 - Prof., Natali Helberger, Amsterdam University - Prof., Tarlach McGonagle, Amsterdam University and Leiden University - Prof., Peggy Valcke, KULeuven - Prof., Yves Haeck, RE22 - Prof., Lieven De Marez, RE21

Korte beschrijving

In recent years, online news distributors (online news media, social media, search engines and news aggregators) started engaging in ‘news recommendation’ practices. This means that they deploy recommender systems to curate users’ news overviews. Such systems automatically (de)select and (de)prioritise items to be displayed in user interfaces, thus deciding which ones are visible (to whom) and in what order. This research asks whether news recommendation has any negative and/or positive implications in terms of human rights, by creating risks and/or opportunities for their enjoyment. Where there is a risk, the use of recommender systems may require regulation. In case of an opportunity, such systems could potentially be used as a tool to achieve public policy goals. Against that backdrop, this dissertation establishes a human rights frame for governing news recommendation.


Woensdag 6 juli 2022, 17:00
KASK, Campus Bijloke, Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent