Application of remote measurements for compliance monitoring and enforcement of SO2 and NOx emissions under MARPOL Annex VI

Van Roy, Ward
Faculteit Recht en Criminologie
Vakgroep Europees, Publiek- en Internationaal Recht
Academische graad
Doctor in de Maritieme Wetenschappen
Taal proefschrift
Prof, Frank Maes, RE22
Prof, Antoinette Verhage, RE23 - Prof, Floris Goerlandt, Dalhousie University - Prof, Jana Moldanova, Swedish Environmental Research Institute - Prof, Theo Notteboom, RE22 - Prof, Klaas Willaert, RE22 - Prof, Evert Lataire, RE22 - Prof, Sebastian Verhelst, Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen en Architectuur

Korte beschrijving

This doctoral thesis explores the use of remote measurements for the compliance monitoring of ship emission regulations. Technical solutions and methodologies were developed for the measurement of ship emissions with the Belgian coastguard aircraft. The research demonstrated the effectiveness of airborne monitoring in an operational context. The airborne monitoring has been proven to provide a substantial added value for the port inspection authorities, leading to a more efficient and cost effective enforcement strategy. The airborne measurement were applied to evaluate the effectiveness of the international regulations in improving air quality in Belgium and the North and Baltic Sea. The monitoring results also illustrate certain compliance issues. Finally, the thesis formulates recommendations on guidelines for 1) the use of remote measurements for the enforcement of emission regulations and 2) addressing regulatory gaps within the current regulations, these recommendations will be presented to the IMO.


Donderdag 28 september 2023, 18:00
Multimedialokaal, Universiteitsstraat 6, 9000 Gent
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