Ready to play?’ – A children’s rights analysis of gambling-like elements in videogames

Declerck, Pieterjan
Faculteit Recht en Criminologie
Vakgroep Metajuridica, Privaat- en Ondernemingsrecht
Academische graad
Doctor in de rechten
Taal proefschrift
Prof, Eva Lievens, RE21 - Prof, Peggy Valcke, KU Leuven
Prof, Michel Tison, RE21 - Prof, Simone van der Hof, Leiden University - Prof, Bert Keirsbilck, KU Leuven - Prof, Bieke Zaman, KU Leuven - Prof, Reinhard Steennot, RE21 - Dr, Valerie Verdoodt, RE21

Korte beschrijving

Children increasingly engage in a changing videogame environment where the lines between videogames and gambling are increasingly blurred. This doctoral dissertation approaches so-called ‘gambling-like’ elements (such as lootboxes and social casino games) from a children’s rights perspective, focusing on the existing legal framework applicable to gambling-like elements and providing recommendations for future regulation. Studied legal domains include gambling regulation, consumer protection regulation, data protection regulation, platform regulation and videogame industry self-regulation. The research departs from insights provided by non-legal disciplines (for example psychology, media studies and behavioural economics) to evaluate whether children’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled in the context of gambling-like elements in videogames.


Dinsdag 10 september 2024, 17:00
Auditorium Cirque (KASK), Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent
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