Happening 'ENLIGHT Student Network Pub Quiz: Inclusivity

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03-03-2021 van 17:30 tot 18:30
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ENLIGHT student network
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The ENLIGHT Student Network organizes a first event at the ENLIGHT Kick-off Week.

Each year the ENLIGHT Student Network will work on a specific theme that is of major importance to students. This year the Student Network will focus on the theme of ‘Inclusivity’ and embark on the ENLIGHT adventure with a Pub Quiz, followed by an interactive debate concerning the year theme.

The event is open to all students from the ENLIGHT universities. The Pub Quiz will consist of all kinds of questions to assess your knowledge about our different universities, cities, regions, and cultures, and will also address specific initiatives that stimulate inclusivity and much more. Winning teams can get very nice prizes and giveaways!

After the Pub Quiz the Student Network invites you to discuss about what you think ENLIGHT could mean to you, what inclusivity means, and how we can work together on inclusivity in our universities. It is an opportunity to get to know the work of the ENLIGHT Student Network and to be part of it and share your thoughts and visions! See you there!

Join the pub quiz via https://eventmanager.ugent.be/ENLIGHTkickoff