Workshop 'Horizon Europe training for coordinators Module 3 - advanced course: Excellence'

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28-11-2023 van 09:00 tot 12:00
Campus Aula, Zijvleugel Links, lokaal 9.1 (gelijkvloers) / sidewing left, room 9.1 (ground floor), Universiteitsstraat 8, 9000 Gent
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DOZA EU-team

The EU Team offers you an interactive training modules on Excellence , to guide you through the writing proces.


Interactive, three-hour training in which you'll learn how to translate a concept into a strong narrative for the Excellence section of a proposal. Each aspect of the template will be discussed and practical exercises will bring additional insights.

You will learn from good and bad examples, and get tips & tricks to improve your writing and coordination skills.

For whom?

ZAP with no or limited previous experience as a coordinator, but contemplating on taking this step. Alternatively, you have had a first experience (submitting) as a coordinator that was not convincing and you would like to get more insights and tips & tricks on how to write a strong proposal.

The training is suitable for all, irrespective of your background. The training will be given in English.

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