Lezing 'Meet the PhD jury: Processing, structure creation, and intake steering, in perspective of food structure-functionality relationships'

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Medewerkers , Privépersonen , Studenten
18-06-2024 van 14:00 tot 16:30
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Building E - Auditorium E5, Coupure links 653, 9000 GENT
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Particle and Interfacial Technology Group (PaInT) - Department of Green Chemistry and Technology - Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

The symposium is organized on the occasion of the public defense of the doctoral dissertation of Marcel Paques.

  • 14:05 MSc. Ulf Andersen (senior research scientist, Arla R&D, Food Physics): Linking processing conditions and product properties of dairy products by microstructure studies.
  • 14:50 Prof dr. Ciaran Forde (Chairholder, Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour): Sensory-Nutriton: how food texture influences eating behaviour, energy intake and metabolism.
  • 15:35 Prof dr. ir. Filip Van Bockstaele (Fac. of Bioscience Engineering, Dep. of Food Technology, Safety and Health, Ghent University): Multiscale analysis of fat crystal networks - the route to understand functionality.
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