Happening 'ENLIGHT European University Kick-off Week'

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01-03-2021 17:30 tot 05-03-2021 17:00
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Meet ENLIGHT, a new European University Alliance! UGent coordinates this network of 9 diverse universities, shaping the education of the future!

ENLIGHT will host a virtual kick-off week with several public sessions: inspiring keynotes, exciting lectures, a roundtable, virtual thematic networking, a cultural session and student perspectives!

Various online sessions will be organised between 1 and 5 March 2021, to find out more about the project and be involved in building the future of the partnership. Register here to participate in the kick-off.

The ENLIGHT consortium was selected in the frame of “European Universities", the EC’s pilot program for new multilateral networks.

ENLIGHT stands for 'European University Network to promote quality of life, sustainability & global engagement through Higher Education Transformation'. It unites 9 universities:

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    Basque Country (ES)
  • Bordeaux (FR)
  • Bratislava (SK)
  • Galway (IE)
  • Göttingen (DE)
  • Groningen (NL)
  • Tartu (EE)
  • Uppsala (SE)
  • Ghent (BE).

Over the next 3 years ENLIGHT will focus on 5 themes to pilot new learning formats:

  • climate change
  • health and well-being
  • inequality
  • digital revolution
  • energy and circularity.

In the long term ENLIGHT wants to create an open space between the 9 universities for learning, teaching and working together. Save the date!