Symposium 'Horizons of Political/Poetical Contestation: South African Intersectional Perspectives Across Disciplines and Languages'

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Medewerkers , Studenten
20-11-2024 09:30 tot 21-11-2024 16:00
Congreszaal Zebrastraat, Zebrastraat 32/001, 9000 Gent
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Ghent Centre for Afrikaans and South African Studies

The 8th Colloquium on Afrikaans and South African Studies has as its theme South African intersectional perspectives across disciplines and languages.

It focuses on South African intersectional trends and the heterogeneous manifestations these can assume, both historically and contemporarily. After all, the country is characterised by enormous diversity as well as inequality because of social categories of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age and language. These intersecting and multidimensional forms of oppression persist tenaciously in the post-apartheid era.

Inspired by Carastathis, we believe that intersectionality should be understood not only on a personal level but as a “horizon of political contestation”.

The presenters come from various disciplines (literature, linguistics, history, sociology, education sciences, communication sciences and film studies) and different countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom).

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