Lezing 'Mandela Lecture 2022: human rights and social rights in an international perspective'

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Alumni , Journalisten , Medewerkers , Studenten
16-02-2022 van 20:00 tot 22:00
Zaal De Blauwe Vogel, De Krook, Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Gent
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Africa Platform of Ghent University Association

At the 2022 Mandela Lecture in Ghent three speakers will engage in a panel discussion dealing specifically with human rights and social rights.

Navi Pillay is an international authority on human rights. As a South African jurist she served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 2008 to 2014.

She was the first non-white woman judge of the High Court of South Africa, and she has also served as the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Based on her personal experiences, Ms. Pillay will give an overview of the contemporary challenges with respect to human rights and she will discuss possible future avenues for local actions.

As discussants, Prof. Eva Brems and Mr. Luc Cortebeeck will reflect on Ms. Pillay’s presentation and add insights from their respective domains of expertise. They will also explore in which way a city, as an increasingly important driver of socio-economic development, can play a role in local and international human rights policy.

Gie Goris will lead the discussion. Free reception after the panel discussion Music by Traveling Riverside