Lezing 'Physics, AI, and the route to new materials'

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21-04-2021 van 07:30 tot 22:00
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Vereniging voor Natuurkunde
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Talk given by Dr. Ir. Michael Sluydts about the use of AI to discover new materials. Registration required!

Technological advancements go hand-in-hand with the discovery of new materials, but the search for new materials isn’t always smooth sailing. There are many different materials and only a select few are promising in terms of usability in the industry. The combination between experience and intuition can guide us to select the most promising materials, but in practice physics often falls short through the complex properties of said materials. In order to solve this, we can probe for solutions using AI. At the same time, we can use quantum mechanical simulations in order to predict the inherent properties of many different materials to learn about them. This knowledge can be used by AI to develop a new kind of ‘physical intuition’, which makes it possible to find new interesting materials faster.

This lecture is given to us by Dr. Ir. Michael Sluydts and will be conducted in English via Zoom. You can sign up using the following form: https://forms.gle/Ya1xMDDhYsgk8f1NA