Lezing 'Meet the expert: Prof Lynne Bowker'

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23-11-2023 van 10:00 tot 13:00
A.1.04, Abdisstraat 1, 9000 Gent
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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication - Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

We need to talk about machine translation (MT)! Using science communication as a tool to improve AI/MT literacy beyond the translation community.

The session will take the form of an interactive workshop where participants are invited to reflect on the need for improved AI/MT literacy in society, and what role they can play in helping to achieve it.

The activity will begin with a lecture by the invited expert, who will outline the essentials of how AI and MT tools work, some of the ethical concerns, some of the conditions that contribute to misperceptions and misuse of these tools in wider society, as well as some of the consequences.

Next, participants will brainstorm some ideas for effective science communication techniques (e.g. metaphors, elevator pitches, infographics) before dividing into smaller groups to flesh out some concrete ideas for a preliminary toolkit to support AI/MT literacy (or a related topic based on their own research) in their communities.

Finally, the participants will come back together to share the results of the breakout activity, followed by a final summing up of important take-away messages.

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