Symposium 'Conservation & Capitalism'

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Medewerkers , Studenten
03-10-2021 van 14:00 tot 17:30
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Faculty of Sciences > Department of Biology > Prof Dr. Maurice Hoffmann
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Online symposium on the complex relationship between conservation and capitalism in today's world.

As a team of four Biology Master students of Ghent University, we hope to explore a theme that is overlooked within the scope of our studies: the relationship between conservation and capitalism.

While a broad topic, in this symposium we will try to touch upon the potential economic benefits of conservation for local communities, the role of wealth in the protection of nature, how capitalism may impact successful conservation, and alternative economic models circumventing this.

By welcoming speakers from multiple academic backgrounds, we try to shed light on the different aspects of this complex relationship. Five experts will take the floor during this interactive symposium:

  • Ruurd van Diggelen
  • Ignace Schops
  • Eeva Furman
  • Paul De Grauwe
  • Robert Fletcher

Event in the framework of the course Ecosystem Management and Services by Prof Dr. Maurice Hoffmann at Ghent University.