Overzicht Methusalem laureaten

Startdatum 1 januari 2008

Characterization of the genetic defects and molecular pathways in heritable connective tissue disorders and cancer

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): From Variome to Phenome - an integrated approach towards understanding and treating heritable connective tissue disorders

Prof. Anne De Paepe

Yield booster: towards understanding the molecular basis of plant yield

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): Leaf growth - from genes to networks

Prof. Dirk Inzé

Smart photonic chips in support of a safe and sustainable world and of a better health care for all

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): Smart photonic chips at the heart of systems that matter to people and society

Prof. Roel Baets

Embodied music cognition and mediation technologies for cultural/creative application

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): Expressive Music Interaction

Prof. Marc Leman
Startdatum 1 januari 2009

Stochastic modeling and analysis of communication systems

Verlenging (vanaf 2016)

Prof. Herwig Bruneel

New directions in research on the acquisition and generation of attitudes

Verlenging (vanaf 2016): Learning and implicit processes

Prof. Jan De Houwer

Multi-scale modeling and design of chemical reactions and reactors (M2dcR2)

Verlenging (vanaf 2016)

Prof. Guy Marin

Protein-protein interactions: towards a better understanding of interactomes, pathways and domains

Verlenging (vanaf 2016): Protein-protein interactions: from bench to bedside

Prof. Jan Tavernier

Molecular signalling in cell death: an integrated approach

Verlenging (vanaf 2016): Cell death activity regulation in inflammation and cancer (Cedar-ic)

Prof. Peter Vandenabeele