Lopende projecten

  • Duurzame Catering: We bezochten meer dan 30 cateraars om er zo voor te zorgen dat elk personeelslid een minimaal duurzaam cateringpakket (broodjes of recepties) kan bestellen zonder veel moeite te doen. Daarnaast brachten we 10 duurzame parameters in kaart bij deze cateraars en informeren we momenteel het personeel. We volgen op, breiden uit en evalueren! [Klarremieken]
  • Wetenschapswinkel: The 'science shop' is an online platform where NGO's can pose their research questions concerning sustainability (broad definition). We try to find an enthousiastic student (and promotor) who wants to dig in into these relevant research questions.  [Silke]
  • Klimaatbos: one year after the Paris Climate Agreement, we want to reflect on what has happened and what should happen. Not only with words, but also deeds. Therefore, we organize a huge event where everybody at UGent can help to create our own climate forest. Follow us also on Facebook! [Anke]
  • Cork collection: at UGent, we know how to party and often this is accompanied by some open wine bottles. Since the end of 2016, we are an official collection point of cork, that is recycled into cork floors. [Anke]
  • Gruute Kuis: every year, UGent joins the 'Gentse Gruute Kuis' and this year we want way more students to join our cleaning action. This year, it's organized on the 29th of March, in cooperation with IVAGO and other Higher Education Institutes. We'll coordinate the UGent troops and will make it a nice afternoon. [Silke] 
  • At UGent, more than 9.000 staff members are active. Add some 30.000 students and you get one heck of a company. It's logic that we buy quite some office materials and products. Therefore we use framework agreements to make sure that we all buy high quality, affordable AND sustainable products. We are googling and asking around to make sure our contracts are as sustainable as (currently) possible. [Goedele]
  • Have you heard about our crucade against water bottles and tanks? Admit, it is quite ridiculous to transport liters of expensive water by trucks when perfect tap water comes out of... each tap. Therefore we want to help people to get rid of their bottled water addiction. We are working on sustainable water bottles, and better and more water fountains. In cooperation with DGFB and the GSR. [Goedele]
  • Where there is water, there is food an where there is food, there are sustainability aspects. We are working together with the Sustainability Pact and the ATP board to sensitize our (external) caterers and to help our staff to order in a sustainable and yummie way. [Goedele]
  • Waste is our enemy, so it's time to tackle some aspects! We started this year with the separate collection of green waste (GFT), we developed compost heaps, we are collecting plastic foils and hard plastic and more is yet to come. But we also keep on investing in our gift shelves and we are distributing scratch paper during 'de blok'. [Maïté & David]
  • Have you already seen the first edition of our Green Guide? It took us quite some time but we are sure it was worth it. In this English guide, we focus mostly - but surely not alone - on foreign students hosted by (U)Gent. We try to inform the reader in an informal way on how to live a cool and sustainable student live in our city and our University. With chapters on mobility, food, shopping and waste, we give each student a head start. Make sure you have a look! [Maïté]
  • Did you notice we wrote all this in English? We are making an effort to communicate more in Dutch and English. Our sustainability report for example has a perfect English copy. But we want more. We want to get more knowledge exchange with our foreign visitors. So we are taking some initiatives to get to know them. [Maïté]
  • Communication is so important these days and that isn't always easy. With our decentral structure, the different target audiences and the enormous amount of emails, newsletter and Facebook messages we all get, it is tough to communicatie about our sustainable actions. So we made ourselves more visible (T-shirts, sustainable banners, folders, pop-up office, ...), we invested in our Facebook page and... we came up with a newsletter. Like this, we can be sure that whoever wants to be informed, will be informed. [Lars]
  • Have you heard of the Sustainable Development Goals already? Well, we surely did. We join the club of organizations that use 'SDG' as a tool to identify sustainable actions. We also want to use this framework to inspire more students to join green teams and make our University more sustainable. Because in the end... that's what we do! [Lars]

Voorbije projecten

  • Dagen zonder vlees: campagne om studenten en personeelsleden aan te sporen om 40 dagen minder tot geen vlees te eten.
  • Tipping Point: weerwerk tijdens de wereldklimaattop Parijs 2015. Er zullen verschillende kunstwerken omtrent een klimaatthema worden tentoongesteld op verschillende campussen. Daarnaast zullen er vele open lessen plaatsvinden en een inleidende algemene les.
  • Duurzaamheidsbarometer: dit is een project in samenwerking met de faculteit Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen waarbij men wil berekenen wat de impact is van de geserveerde maaltijden in de UGent-cafetaria's. Deze onderzoeksgroep wil ook advies geven i.v.m. duurzaamheidscriteria zodat de UGent haar voedselaankoopbeleid kan aanpassen (bijvoorbeeld: ieder jaar de 2 minst duurzame maaltijden vervangen door meer duurzame maaltijden).
  • Pop-upkantoor: met ons reizend kantoor willen we dichter bij de studenten en personeelsleden komen. Iedereen kan ons aanspreken en suggesties geven.