Postdoc Bursaal

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum
Nov 09, 2021 00:00
TW17 - Vakgroep Toegepaste Fysica
Type contract
Contract van bepaalde duur
a PhD degree in Chemistry, in Engineering, in Bio-engineering or in Physics. The degree requirements need to be met at the start of your appointment.
Vacature type
Overig academisch personeel


Postdoc position in combining plasma treatment and (photo)catalysis towards an energy-efficient technology for abatement of polluted air.
Clean air is a major factor determining the well-being of all living creatures. There are a number of natural sources of air pollution, like volcanic eruptions, forest fires, plant, animal and soil emissions (biogenic sources) that have resulted in a delicate balance of natural occurrence of these atmospheric compounds over millions of years. Strongly disturbing this balance, human activities are responsible for many new sources of contamination of the earth atmosphere (anthropogenic sources). Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gaseous compounds like ozone (O3), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ammonia (NH3) play an important role in the overall air quality. In this project it is our ambition to perform a systematic study and fundamental understanding of a combined non-thermal plasma and (photo)catalytic reactor system for the breakdown of common gaseous pollutants (VOCs) from the atmosphere. This will include the characterization of the three individual techniques (plasma, photocatalysis and oxidation catalysis), mainly aiming at gaining as much information as possible on material characteristics and oxidation performances. In a second stage, an integrated reactor will be constructed, combining plasma treatment with (photo)catalysis, both in-plasma and post-plasma. Based on the information gained on the individual components and kinetic parameters, this integrated system will be optimized in terms of flow patterns and fluxes, positioning of the (photo)catalyst in the reactor, external illumination and reactor geometry. The interactions and synergies will be studied by measuring both the plasma emission spectrum, absorption spectrum and the gas composition at different positions in and after the reactor.


  • You hold a PhD degree in Chemistry, in Engineering, in Bio-engineering or in Physics. The degree requirements need to be met at the start of your appointment.
  • You are interested in academic and/or project-based research.
  • You have experience in catalysis/plasma catalysis and/or plasma physics.
  • You have excellent communication skills (spoken and written English)
  • We offer you a contract of 1 year (possibility to extend it).


Apply by contacting Dr. Karen Leus ( ) before the application deadline (see above). We do not accept late applications.

Your application must include the following documents:

  • In the field ‘CV’: your CV and an overview of your study results (merged into one pdf file)
  • In the field ‘Cover letter’: your application letter in pdf format
  • In the field ‘Diploma’: a transcript of the required degree (if already in your possession). If you have a foreign diploma in a language other than our national languages (Dutch, French or German) or English, please add a translation in one of the mentioned languages.
  • In the field “other documents”: a reference letter, an overview of your study results, …