Postdoc wetenschappelijk medewerker

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Aug 30, 2019 23:59
WE13 - Vakgroep Geologie
Postdoctoraal wetenschappelijk medewerker groep 2
Type contract
Onbepaalde tijd met beding
Master of PhD in Science, Engineering or bio-engineering (PhD students close to graduation are also welcome to apply)
Vacature type
Overig academisch personeel


In the framework of the approved SBO (Strategic Basic Research) project ”Negative emissions through enhanced mineral weathering in the coastal zone” we have a vacant position for a post-doctoral researcher within the PProGRess team, member of the UGent expertise Centre for X-ray Tomography ( In this interdisciplinary project, olivine particles, which are exposed to interaction with sea water, will be investigated at regular time frames and examined using different characterization techniques (determination grain size distribution, specific surface area and chemical composition and imaging techniques, such as conventional lab-based X-ray CT imaging, XRF-CT, FE-SEM, FIB-SEM, SEM-EDX,… but potentially also synchrotron imaging, diffraction imaging, etc.). Means to extract qualitative and quantitative information from this data will be developed and validated. Attention towards chemical weathering and formation of secondary minerals as well as superficial physical changes such as abrasion features (e.g. rounded edges) and dissolution features (e.g. dissolution pits) will be given. You might attend actively in international field campaigns. It is of crucial importance to identify which - if any – secondary reactions take place, and to what extent passivating layers will form during olivine weathering in natural marine settings. Moreover, you will put attention towards the identification of the formation of cation-depleted passivating layers at the surface of the olivine grains as these can potentially decrease the dissolution rate.

You will be responsible for the data acquisition (in close collaboration with the PProGRess-UGCT team), mineralogical research and the development of the tools and workflows for the data analysis. You might also have the daily supervision of PhD and master thesis students, and will be in close contact with all collaborators of this research project. We offer an employment contract of 1 year (potentially extended with 2 additional years), starting October 2019 at the earliest, depending on the availability of the successful candidate.


Applicants should have: 

  • a PhD degree in Science, Engineering or bio-engineering with strong interest in geochemistry and mineralogy. Experience in X-ray imaging, optical mineralogy, SEM-EDX and XRF is a big advantage.

  • an independent and well-organized working style, demanding high quality of your own work. 

  • well-developed social skills directed towards working in an interdisciplinary team, excellent interpersonal and communicative skills. 

  • strong motivation to succeed in research, excellent presentation and scientific writing skills 

  • very good to excellent English language skills (verbally and written).


Applications must contain the following documents in English: a personal (motivation) letter and curriculum vitae. The documents should be sent to, with in cc, using as subject of your mail: ‘SBO_PD_your name’. Note that the vacancy will be closed as soon as a proper selection can be made.