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Aug 28, 2019 13:32
TW07 - Vakgroep Telecommunicatie en Informatieverwerking
Wetenschappelijk medewerker groep 3
Type contract
Bepaalde tijd
Master in Computer Science Engineering, Master of Science in Computer Science, or equivalent
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Overig academisch personeel


Position: research and development of feedback strategies and e-learning techniques in an online platform for learning query languages.

Background: The “Qexr” platform is a system for learning query languages. Users get a series of questions with the purpose of training the many different aspects of query languages. Answers to these questions are in the form of a query (e.g., an SQL statement or an XPath query). Users receive feedback in an automated fashion about the given solution and, in case of a wrong answer, receive directed hints about possible improvements.

Job description: Conducting research to better provide directed feedback on queries. We are looking for a candidate that is (i) capable of researching innovative solutions to the problem of providing feedback and (ii) testing and implementing these solutions in the existing platform. In addition, the candidate should also investigate whether there are methods to improve the usability and effectiveness of the platform by using e-learning techniques.


• Master in Computer Science Engineering, Master of Science in Computer Science, or equivalent.

• Good and demonstrable knowledge of relational databases (in particular PostgreSQL) and SQL

• Good and demonstrable knowledge of XML and XPath

• Programming experience and mathematical skills (logic and analytics).

• Language skills: Excellent written and spoken English; a good command of Dutch is an asset.

• Generic competences: Communicative, accurate, able to work independently and in team.


Write an email containing your CV and motivation letter to prof. Antoon Bronselaer