Effectiviteit van netwerken

Deze lijst van relevante publicaties over effectiviteit van netwerken wordt doorlopend geactualiseerd.

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Boeken en artikels

  • Institutional impact assessment in multi-level systems: conceptualizing decentralization effects from a comparative perspective.
    S. Kuhlmann & E. Wayenberg (2016) in International Review of Administrative Sciences.
  • Territorial Reform of Local Government Evaluation Criteria Underpinning Decisions and Debate in Flanders
    De Peuter, B., Pattyn, V. & Wayenberg, E. (2011) in Local Government Studies.
  • Desperately seeking fusion: on joined-up thinking, holistic practice and the new economy of welfare professional power.
    C. Allen  (2003) in 'British Journal of Sociology'.
  • How to Make Public Networks Really Work:A Qualitative Comparative Analysis.
    D. Cristofoli en J. Markovic (2016) in 'Public Administration'.
  • Netwerken als hefboom tegen sociale uitsluiting.
    Joris De Corte, Bram Verschuere en Maria De Bie (2015).Bijdrage voor 'sociaal.net' .
  • Networks for welfare provision: getting a grip on processes of social exclusion by evaluating network effectiveness.
    Joris De Corte, Bram Verschuere en Maria De Bie (2016) in 'Social Policy & Administration'.
  • Uncovering the Double-Edged Sword of Inter-Organisational Networks of Welfare Services: Tackling Wicked Issues in Social Work.
    Joris De Corte, Bram Verschuere, Griet Roets en Maria De Bie (2016).
  • Research in Practice: Professionalism, partnership and joined-up thinking: A research review of front-line working with children and families.
    N. Frost (2005).
  • A Comparative Study Of Health Promotion Networks: Configurations of determinants for network effectiveness.
    S. Lucidarme, G. Cardon en A. Willem (2016) in 'Public Management Review'.
  • Critical success factors for promoting physical activity through community networks.
    S. Lucidarme, M. Marlier, G. Cardon, I. De Bourdeaudhuij en A. Willem (2014) in 'International Journal of Public Health'.
  • Capacity building through cross-sector partnerships: Results from a community sport program in disadvantaged communities in Belgium.
    M. Marlier, S. Lucidarme, K. Babiak, G. Cardon, I. De Bourdeaudhuij en A. Willem (2015) in 'BMC Public Health'.
  • A Capacity Building Approach to Increase Sports Participation in Disadvantaged Urban Communities: A Multilevel Analysis.
    M. Marlier, G. Cardon, I. De Bourdeaudhuij en A. Willem (2014) in 'Journal of Urban Health'.
  • Collaboration and Performance: Introduction to Symposium on Collaboration.
    Rosemary O'Leary, Catherine Gerard, Robyn Keast, Myrna Mandell en Joris Voets (2015) in 'Public Performance & Management Review'.
  • Do networks really work? A framework for evaluating public-sector organizational networks.
    KG Provan en HB Milward (2001) in 'Public Administration Review'.
  • Combining Structure, Governance, and Context: A Configurational Approach to Network Effectiveness.
    J. Raab, RS Mannak en B. Cambre (2015) in 'Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory'.
  • Reconstructing the Foundations of Joined-Up Working: From Organisational Reform towards a Joint Engagement of Child and Family Services.
    G. Roets, R. Roose, T. Schiettecat en M. Vandenbroeck (2014) in 'British Journal of Social Work'.
  • In Search of Network Performance.
    Joris Voets en Wouter Van Dooren (2011) in 'New Steering Concepts in Public Management'.
  • Pitfalls and challenges for trust and effectiveness in collaborative networks.
    A. Willem, S. Lucidarme (2014) in 'Public Management Review'.


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