Covid-19/Corona measures and impact on NMR service


In accordance with the new regulations that were communicated by the head of department of organic and macromolecular chemistry, we have decided to adapt our service and spectrometer availability as follows:


  • In terms of open access: there will be no free entry to the facility, however you can still submit your measurements as you would normally do for 2D’s/13C spectra. The measurements will be submitted on a regular basis and depending on spectrometer availability. This regulation is applicable to both internal and external researchers of the department.


  • Any bookings that were made before the new measures installed to counter the spread of Covid-19 will be honoured and you can use the spectrometers as you originally planned,  given you are able to do so within the current rules of your department/research group. If you are not able to fulfil your reservations, please let me know and I will delete your reservation from the calendar (this in order to avoid charging of measuring time that was not used)


  • Do not submit any new reservations on any spectrometer, they will be removed by default.


  • Since the building is only accessible to people who were granted access via their badge: if you have a reservation but are not able to enter the S4(bis) during the coming two weeks, make an appointment with me so I can open the door at the ground floor when the time comes.


In case of any questions concerning our NMR service, do not hesitate to contact Dieter Buyst (CSO, NMR EC) @