New spectrometer reservation system - Infinity

(29-10-2020) NMR EC has adopted a new facility management system called Infinity - click here to read more and see what it means for our reservation system

As part of the overall strategy of UGent to further streamline its administrative processes (‘UGent verlicht’), the Infinity software platform is being rolled out for core facilities and centres of expertise at UGent. This platform ties together all aspects of measuring time reservation and management and billing of the used time within a single streamlined process. The NMR Expertise Centre has contributed from the start in the process that has led to the selection of the Infinity Software, and is now in process of rolling out the software to all users of the high end equipment (i.e. not for the routine spectrometer operations handled in open access mode).

Additionally, and important for us, it will also provide a way of mapping scientific output to which our NMR infrastructure contributed thereby relieving somewhat the burden of collecting all information required for mandatory mid-term or final progress reports required by the organisations funding our equipment (e.g. FWO-Hercules). The Infinity platform is available from Athena or can also directly be accessed via the following address:

This switch also means that the old Google Calendar system will be retired. Check the website pages that highlight how you can gain access to this new system and what are the requirements.