Launch NMR Expertise Center

(15-01-2018) January 2018 marks the official launch of the NMR expertise centre at Ghent University. What does it mean in terms of NMR service?

Working with NMR since 1958

The use and study of NMR or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, has a lifelong tradition at Ghent University. Ever since the first commercial NMR spectrometer was introduced during the world expo in 1958, NMR has been one of the key techniques used and studied in the department of Chemistry. Some key highlights in the history of NMR at Ghent University include:


  • 1958 - UGent acquires the first NMR spectrometer in Belgium
  • 1972 - The first 300MHz spectrometer in Europe is installed in the department of Chemistry
  • 2002 - Inception of the NMRSTR research group, dedicated to the use and study of NMR within a chemical context
  • 2007 - Interuniversity collaboration to fund the installation of the high-field 700MHz, the most powerful NMR spectrometer at that time
  • 2018 - Launch of the NMR Expertise Centre at Ghent University


 The expertise centre aims to become a self-sufficient, independent and dedicated service environment that wants to make NMR more available to the UGent community and external industrial partners. The centralized location of the NMR facility should make it easily accessible to collaborators in and around Ghent or beyond. There are many ways to collaborate with the expertise center, ranging from open access and self service on the low field equipment to dedicated studies performed by experts on the high-field NMR spectrometers. In principle, any interested party can apply for access to the NMR infrastructure.


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