New NMR brochure 2.0 now available!

(07-04-2023) With the newly available routine setup, new possibilities are on the horizon! The NMR brochure 2.0 explains all routine changes while still containing all best practices and most important safety information.

Are you curious about the possibilities of the new cryoprobe installed on our 400MHz? Then you have come to the right place. This brochure outlines everything that has changed with respect to the old setup and summarizes all the new measurement types that are now available to internal and external researchers with NMR needs. Whether you are an experienced user or just starting with your PhD, it is certainly worth a read!

Among others it includes and discusses the following topics:

  • Safety information
  • Which NMR spectrometers are available
  • How to get access and training
  • Best NMR practices
  • Software & data location
  • Guidelines on publishing NMR data

You can find the updated brochure at the following location or by clicking here