Family of the Future demonstrator

(02-08-2017) 30 Belgian companies and research institutes collaborate on a new 3D printing demonstrator: Family of the Future

Flam3D is a Flemish cluster association for 3D printing. The association has recently started an initiative in which 30 Flemish companies and research institutes have started collaborating on the 'Family of the Future'. This project will be a demonstration case aimed at clarifying most 3D printing technologies, and analyzing how these can add real value across a wide range of sectors.

‘Family of the Future' will demonstrate how more than 90 printed components can be deployed in the context of the family - but also the 'factory' - of the future. The project will therefore exhibit a wide range of techniques: from printed electronics to printed components in metal and ceramic materials. The project will be presented for the first time on November 8 at the Prototyping expo in Kortrijk, Belgium. Its international premiere will follow a week later, on November 14 at the Formnext fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

"Co-creation adds value: what Additive Manufacturing really needs for the future, is cooperation. Beyond the hype, there’s a world in which we must work together – both in- and outside the Additive Manufacturing ecosystem. A solution to a specific problem rarely lies within one single company," explains Kris Binon, General Director of Flam3D.

 More information ao. on the websites of 3D printing industry and on Family of the Future.

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