Henri Pirenne Autumn School in Medieval Languages and Culture 2017: Editing Medieval Texts

17-10-2017 09:00 to 20-10-2017 12:00
Ghent, Campus 'Boekentoren' (Blandijn, 3rd floor, room 130), and on-site visits (State Archive and University Library)
Stefan Meysman
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Henri Pirenne Autumn School in Medieval Languages and Culture 2017: Editing Medieval Texts. Techniques, Opportunities and Challenges (Ghent)

AS2017This year's HPIMS Autumn School is organized for PhD- and MA-students in Medieval Studies (art history, history, philosophy, literature, linguistics,…) who would like to develop their skills in working with handwritten medieval documents and existing editions of primary sources. Participants will acquire a basic practical knowledge of how to edit texts — either for publication or for personal working editions; either in a traditional way or digitally. They will also learn about reading and interpreting existing editions and digital corpora of medieval texts, about the values of editing for career development inside and outside academia, about the role of editions in the preservation of textual heritage, among other topics. Finally, the Autumn School is set up as an international forum for young researchers to meet, network and share ideas.

The Autumn School consists of three and a half days during which participants will be able to combine plenary sessions with freely-chosen specific courses and interactive workshops. All sessions will be taught in English by leading experts from the fields of historical text editing, (commercial) academic publishing, and the management of medieval textual heritage.

The Autumn School will focus on editing sources written in Latin or in one of the continental Northwest European vernaculars (French, Dutch & German) and participants should have basic prior knowledge of at least one of these languages. There are no restrictions on source typology: narrative and literary texts as well as several types of documentary evidence will be dealt with.

Please apply before 10 September 2017. See the full programme. For all additional info and applications, contact