CARMEN Annual Meeting: 'Medieval Materiality'

22-09-2017 09:00 to 23-09-2017 18:30
Ghent, Plateaustraat & Het Pand
Stefan Meysman
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Annual meeting of the worldwide medieval network CARMEN

On 22-23 September 2017, the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies of Ghent University will host the Annual Meeting of the wordwide medieval network CARMEN in the Plateau (Plateaustraat 22). This meeting is primarily designed as a network event for medievalists and others to connect with the international scene of medieval studies both inside and outside academia, to learn about each other's research and find partners for future research projects.. The meeting boasts several workshops for prospective projects as well as an exciting Marketplace (Staurday, Het PAnd) at which a wide array of people will present the latest of what's going on in medieval studies: the most promising projects,  dynamic research groups and institutions, societal partners, SSH research alliances, publishing houses, and much more.

This year, the central theme of the CARMEN meeting is 'Medieval Materiality', which allows the Pirenne Institute to present some of the interdisciplinary research taking place at Ghent University in medieval history, archeology, art studies, literary studies, linguistics and digital humanities. At the same time, the theme provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the state of international medieval studies and its role in/ engagement with society as it immediately refers to the fundamental task of fostering medieval cultural heritage.

Mark it down on your calendar! You can find the full programme here. Please feel free to contact the Pirenne for more information.