Conference - William of Saint-Thierry: History, Theology, Spirituality

04-06-2018 16:30 to 07-06-2018 19:00
Reims (Maison Saint-Sixte) & Saint-Thierry (Abbaye de Saint-Thierry)
Laurence Mellerin
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Twenty years after the last francophone conference on William of Saint-Thiery (d. 1148) and two years prior to the expected publication of the edition of his Oeuvres complètes in the Sources chrétiennes, the HISOMA and the University of Reims organise an international conference on this famous Benedictine-turned-Cisterican abbot and intellectual.

The conference, entitled 'Guillaume de Saint-Thierry. Histoire, théologie, spiritualité' boasts an exciting 3,5-day programme, divided among locations in Reims (Maison Saint-Sixte) and in Saint-Thierry (abbey). No less than three Pirenne researchers will speak at the conference:

  • Steven Vanderputten (Reims, Tuesday 5th,  at 10h30) on 'Nouveaux regards sur les chapitres généraux d’abbés bénédictins de la province ecclésiastique de Reims, 1131-v. 1170'
  • Micol Long (Reims, Tuesday 5th, at 17h00) on 'Guillaume de Saint-Thierry et le chemin de la formation monastique'
  • Johan Belaen (Reims, Tuesday 5th, at 12h00) on 'Les confraternités de l’abbaye de Saint-Thierry : XIIième - XIIIième siècles'

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