Digital lecture Dr. Lidia Zanetti Domingues 'Ritual Liberation of Prisoners in Medieval Tuscany'

29-01-2021 from 16:00 to 17:00
Digital: MS Teams
Stefan Meysman
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Digital lecture by Dr. Lidia Domingues for the Belgo-British Research Network for Medieval Urban History.

    On Friday 29 January 2021 (4pm CET, MS Teams) Dr. Lidia Zanetti Domingues (Institute of Historical Research, University of London) will deliver a paper on ‘Ritual Liberation of Prisoners in Medieval Tuscany’. Lidia is a postdoctoral researcher and Past & Present Fellow at the IHR in London.

    Dr. Domingues is a historian of medieval Europe. Her project while at the IHR involves exploring changing attitudes towards the death penalty in 14th-century Italy through the use of religious and secular sources.

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