Islam and Rationalism. The Development of the Scientific Method

28-04-2017 from 10:00 to 18:00
Ghent, Het Pand (Onderbergen), Piorzaal
Giovanna Lelli
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The third symposium on the history and the philosophy of science (2017), organised at Ghent University in honor of Roshdi Rashed, is on "Islam and Rationalism. The Development of the Scientific Method".

The question of the scope of reason in Islam has been a central issue throughout the centuries. Not only the exact and the natural sciences but also other disciplines have been involved in these theoretical discussions, like philosophy, theology, jurisprudence, linguistics and historiography. This symposium focuses on the contribution of these discussions to the development of the “scientific method” from an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective. It aims at discussing well-established readings and exploring new possible interpretations of the history of the sciences. It brings together scholars from different backgrounds in order to facilitate a lasting dialogue between cultures and disciplines. It also aims at contributing to a long-term response to the current crisis affecting the Euro-Arab-Islamic relations.