MSS Lecture Bronwen Neil, 'Forging the Faith: Pseudo-Epistolography in Christian Late Antiquity'

04-02-2020 from 13:00 to 15:00
Ghent, Plateau-Rozier building, 1st floor, Lecture Room 1.3
Lieve Van Hoof
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Late Antiquity for the first MSS lecture for February 2020

Tuesday February 4th, 2020 (15.00 - 17.00), the Henri Pirenne Institute and the Ghent Institute for Classical Studies (GICS) welcome Prof. Bronwen Neil, Professor of Ancient History at Macquarie University, Australia. She will be speaking about 'Forging the Faith: Pseudo-Epistolography in Christian Late Antiquity'.


Forgery was a respected practice in Late Antiquity, especially within the circles of Christian bishops. Attributing a work to a known authority was a means of making sure that people read the work and circulated it. If it was in a good cause, such as the promulgation of the faith, or later of orthodox Christian doctrine, the end was seen to justify the means. Neil’s chapter gives a survey of forgery in the New Testament canon, in episcopal letter collections, and in other Christian texts in which forged letters were embedded, such as the acts of councils.

Please note that, contrary to the Medieval Seminar Series lunch lectures, this particular lecture will take place in the afternoon, 15.00 - 17.00.