MSS Lunch Lecture Session with Nina Vanhoutte (Greek Literature) and Giacomo Bucci (Ancient Germanic Languages)

26-05-2023 from 12:30 to 14:00
Ghent University, Campus Boekentoren: Blandijn Building, 3rd floor. Meeting Room 3.30 "Camelot"
Stefan Meysman

Fourth MSS Lunch Lecture Session by the Henri Pirenne Institute

On Friday 26 May 2023 (12.3O - max. 14.00, Blandijn Building, Lecture Room 'Camelot'), for its fourth session of the MSS Lunch Lectures, the Pirenne Institute will host Nina Vanhoutte (Literary Studies: Greek Literature), 'The Didactic Poems on Grammar of Niketas of Herakleia A Philological Socio-Literary Study' and Giacomo Bucci(Linguistics: Ancient Germanic Languages), 'Hic sunt teutones. The Germanic Linguistic Traces in the Pre Historic Baltic Area'.


Nina Vanhoutte acquired her BA in Greek and Latin Literature & Linguistics at Ghent University in 2019, and her MA in Historical Literature and linguistics in 2020 with highest distinction. In October 2020 she started her PhD in Greek Literature building on the topic of her MA thesis: a socio-literary study of the (genre-) characteristics of seven didactic poems on grammar, written by eleventh-century author Niketas of Herakleia. In 2021 she subsequently won an FWO-scholarship for this PhD-project, expanding it to include the creation of a critical edition, translation and commentary of these seven poems.

Giacomo Bucci obtained a MA in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Università degli Studi of Perugia (IT) in 2017 with a thesis on the Langobardic lexical relics in the dialects of Umbria. I then obtained a second MA in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics at Leiden University (NL) in 2019, this time on the semantic analysis of the "genitive of negation" in Gothic. My PhD project (FWO fellowship, fundamental research) revolves around the diachronic development of the "genitive of negation" in early Germanic varieties, with a special focus on its areal and typological counterparts.

¨Poster with full programme of the MSS Lunch Lectures available for download here!