Hybrid lecture Dr. Synnøve Myking, 'Connections between Scandinavia and the Low Countries in the High Middle Ages: Traces in Manuscript Culture'

07-12-2021 from 14:00 to 15:30
Hybrid: Ghent University (BE), Henri Pirenne lecture Room (UFo, 1.1) + livestream
Stefan Meysman

Medieval Seminar Series lecture by Dr. Synnøve Myking (University of Bergen, NO), visiting fellow at the Pirenne Institute

On Tuesday 7 December 2021 (14.00 CET)Dr. Synnøve Myking (University of Bergen, Norway) will explain about her ongoing research in a paper titled 'Connections between Scandinavia and the Low Countries in the High Middle Ages: Traces in Manuscript Culture'.

Dr. Myking is currently a postdoctoral visiting fellow at the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies. She is a specialist of high medieval mobility and transnational cultural connections, with a focus on manuscript culture and the international spread of manuscripts to and from Scandinavia. Dr. Myking is currently a postdoc at the University of Bergen (Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies), where she works on her latest project FLANDRIA:  Flanders, Norway, and Denmark: Relations and Intertextual Exchanges in the High Middle Ages (ca. 1080–1383). This project was awarded a three-year mobility grant from the Research Council of Norway.

The lecture is part of our 2021-2022 Medieval Seminar Series. Please note that, subject to further measures, it is planned as a hybrid event, with "live" attendance at the Henri Pirenne lecture room at half capacity (25 places) and a Zoom connection to follow from home. Those who wish to attend live at the Pirenne Room need to register by sending an email to Stefan.Meysman@UGent.be . For "live" attendance the principle "first come, first served" applies.

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